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Piano Tuning

Piano Refinishing in Eastern Washington

Dickerson's Piano Service in Pasco, Washington, offers complete piano services, including piano refinishing. Let us take a tired, worn piano and bring life and beauty back into it.

Piano Tuning

Tuning is a process that brings your piano to an international standard pitch. We can take your out-of-pitch piano and make it sound like new.

We recommend that you tune your piano regularly to maintain the proper tune level. Changes in temperature and humidity have a large effect on the sound quality. A properly tuned piano can save you money on retuning over time, and regular tuning also increases its life.

Also, pay attention to the piano location in the room, watching for windows, air vents, and temperature fluctuation that may cause stress on the instrument.

Student And Teacher Playing The Piano


For this service, we adjust the mechanics of the piano for proper operation. The action promotes longevity and quality of sound.


We can restore the original beauty of your piano so you can enjoy it for future generations. To do this, we strip the old finish off with specialized solvent used for pianos only. Then, we refill the grain for a smooth surface. Finally, we reapply new finish to bring it back to the wonderful piece it has always been.


Pianos, like any other machine, need high-level rebuilding over time. We inspect and replace the moving parts, keys, bushing, hammers, pins, and soundboard when necessary. Free estimates are available. In addition, we offer free assessments on used pianos for our customers who are buying from an unknown source.

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